As people age, it is very common to keep many things that…maybe…shouldn’t be kept.

I Need Help Selling Mom’s House (or Dad’s House)

As our parents age, it is easy to get caught up in our own lives. Often, we are busy managing our own children. Sports, school events, family activities. Then, one day, everything changes.

Usually, it is a phone call from the hospital.

Mom fell…


She might have broken a bone or hit her head.

This time, something else is different. A doctor at the hospital has determined that when mom is released, it will not be into her own care. She needs assisted living. She needs care.

How is the family going to make sure mom gets the best care?

It is no secret that the best care communities are paid for privately, and not by the government.

But, how is mom’s care going to be paid for?

Independent living is usually $2,000-$3,000 per month.

Assisted living can easily cost $4,000-8,000 per month. It depends on the specific facility, the location, and the level of care needed.

Memory care is much more. Often $10,000+…per month.

Hopefully mom had a great long term care (LTC) insurance policy. However, if mom is like most seniors in America, the vast majority of her net worth is tied up in her house, and many seniors have no long term care policy at all.

So, just sell the house to pay for mom’s care, right?

Is mom’s house in good condition?

Does it need a lot of repairs?

Is mom’s house even financible by today’s lender standards?

Oh, and one more thing…what are you going to do with all of mom’s “stuff”?

Are there things that need to be donated?

Are there things that family members want to keep?

Are there things that could be sold?

How long is it going to take to sort through all that stuff, especially coordinating with other family members that have an interest in the estate?

Weeks…or maybe months? It usually takes way longer than you think.

Does the family have enough money to pay for mom’s care in the meantime?

That is a whole lot of questions.

Unfortunately, these questions are very common.

My name is Ryan Garrison, and I am a certified Senior Transition Specialist. I am experienced in situations just like yours. I have a vertically integrated team that can help you with EVERYTHING.

My goal is to be your ONE phone call.

My team will deal with the belongings, repairs, landscaping, and whatever else the family needs. If time is more important than getting top dollar, either myself or one of my associates can purchase the house as-is. Fast. With or without all the contents of the house included. If the family prefers to fix up the house and then sell on the retail market, I will assist and then list your property for sale because I am a licensed real estate broker as well as an investor. I will arrange for an estate sale, repairs, clean out crews. Whatever it takes. I take great pride in helping families just like yours.

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