Need to Sell Mom’s Old House? Deal with Dad’s “Stuff” in the Garage? We Help Families Like Yours

Need to Sell Mom's Old House? Deal with Dad's "Stuff" in the Garage? We Help Families Like Yours
Speaker 1:
Is your family trying to figure out what to do with mom’s old house?

If you need to sell your parent’s home fast, to pay for care, or settle an estate, Sound Transition Team will make the process easy for your family, whether you live locally or across the country.

How are you going to deal with mom’s stuff?

How are you going to manage Securing the property? Clean out? Repairs?

There is a simple solution.

At Sound Transition Team, we serve families dealing with probate or moving relatives into senior care communities.

If you are overwhelmed and need a hand, call Sound Transition Team at 360-328-7888 for a free consultation.

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